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Basics Of The Game

Artisan Game Studio by the Ocean

Tower Five is and will remain a human size studio with a family mentality. Our apartment-style office is located in the cool town center of La Rochelle, 15 minutes by foot from the nearest beach. And still only 2.5 hours from Paris by train.

We are a console-focused studio, both physical (Playstation / Xbox / Switch) and cloud (Stadia / Luna). Development is led by industry veterans with more than 20 years of experience, who are huge believers in simplicity over sophistication.

At Tower five, we believe in trust, flexible hours and in responsibility: freedom and the accountability that comes with it.

Come as you are but be nice to others, great games are made by good people, before all!

Step No.

01. Research

Know what you love and what you don’t… for us playing is studying. We look at games, at players, at habits, at new ideas, at the market. Games as a world culture is growing and moving fast, we keep our eyes and hearts open.

Step No.

02. Design

Design what you love and other people might also love it. Mastering the abstract principles of game design is necessary, but you also need a compass: your heart. We craft what we enjoy to play and strive to make it as accessible as possible to you.

Step No.

03. Build

Video games are very complex softwares. We take great care to maintain fast, efficient and lean technical processes. Working with the right tools let us craft more, tune more precisely and squash the nasty bugs trying to ruin the magic.

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