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Welcome to the harsh winter that is Lornsword Winter Chronicle. From the developers at Five Tower comes an all new top down view strategy adventure game with similarities to Age of Empires, Warcraft and other such titles. Lornsword looks great and plays well while offering a pretty harsh learning curve for the player.

“Lornsword is a story driven action strategy game. As Corun Lan Ka, you will have to use both your sword and your mind to cut through battles. Fight, lead your men, capture gold mines, build your base and call a friend to help you at anytime”

So as stated you are Corun Lan Ka, an ancient warrior sent off into battle while the family stays at home. Slaying soldiers and powerful mystics as you fight to take over land and the battlefield. It pays to listen to the tutorial because if you run in swords swinging you’re going to have a bad time. The aim of the game is to take things a little slower, building and levelling up your base and structures, finding food and gold veins to make some cash. You also have temples which offer special power-ups to our player like summoning fire soldiers or rock beasts that can tear down buildings quicker – every power has its own purpose.

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